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One of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world

National Geographic

One of the places to be visited at least once in a lifetime

New York Times

Hotel Baia delle Zagare

The spectacle of Nature

“…The Baia delle Zagare, steeped in odors and perfumes as its name, where the shapes of the rocks seem to imitate unreal sculptures and the waters surprise for their immaculate brightness. The Hotel Baia delle Zagare, with its oriental style accentuations and its dazzling whiteness, overlooks the scenery of the Faraglioni with their extravagant architecture, designed as if they were the work of a great creator in the mood for bizarre things…”

Immersed in a beautiful inlet overlooking the sea, in a stretch of coastline high, jagged and dotted with beautiful sea caves, on a high cliff covered with aleppo pines trees and Mediterranean scrub and the Faraglioni that rise high in the sea a few meters from the shore … this is theHotel Baia delle Zagare.

The Rooms