Back in 1957 a young Apulian man passionate with boating, nature and sea, while sailing his boat discovers the bay named on charts Mergoli’s bay. It is a pristine place accessible only by sea, revealing ancient paths in the woods.

It’s love at first sight!

He resolves to build a house for himself and his family but soon realizes that such a place deserves the attention of the naturalistic tourism and starts aiming at building a hotel.

So, after several years of considerable works due to the steep and rocky terrain, raised the Baia delle Zagare hotel, entitled after the fragrant citrus blossoms copiously growing in the park.

More than 53 years are now gone, and the Baia delle Zagare hotel still retains its "charm".

Hotel Baia delle Zagare - Litoranea Mattinata-Vieste S.P.53 - 71030 Mattinata (Fg) - Gargano - GPS: 41.747298, 16.144810
Amapa s.r.l. - Viale dell'Oceano Pacifico 153 - 00144 Roma - P. IVA: 09731071008
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